Sea Kayaking Anglesey

Sea Kayaking

Anglesey is a world-class venue for sea kayaking. It has it all: from sheltered beaches and coves and caves to tide races, overfalls and waves. It is the perfect location for all abilities, whether you want a gentle paddle along some of Anglesey’s unspoilt coastline, or to play in some of the most advanced water environments the UK has to offer. It has an amazing array of wildlife too, from Puffins and Gannets to Dolphins and Porpoises. Contact us for more information or to book onto one of our courses using the link in the menu above.

Canoeing Snowdonia

Touring / Journeying

A great place to learn for the first time, with a huge variety of venues, we can offer all levels of coaching in sheltered water environments, in a range of craft including canoe, kayak and SUP, including performance coaching, expedition planning or just recreational paddling. We can offer coaching and advice for fitness training, optimising nutrition and hydration, navigation training or to help you work towards a more specific goal. This is a great way to hone our techniques and to dial in some of those skills needed for longer or more exciting journeys.

White Water Kayak Coach

White Water

North Wales offers some of the globe’s top white water canoeing and kayaking venues, suited for beginners and experts alike. We’ve got year-round white water venues on our doorstep, and can build training and coaching specifically to your needs. Contact us now to book a course. We’re happy to tailor any course to your individual needs so get in touch

Sea Kayak First Aid

British Canoeing

We are an active provider of a range of British Canoeing awards. We deliver the Paddlesport Instructor Award, the Coach Award in Sheltered Water, Sea, White Water and SUP, Personal Performance Awards in a range of disciplines, as well as training and assessment in Kayak/Canoe Leadership Awards. Please see the British Canoeing Awards pages for more information, or alternatively, send us an email.

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