British Canoeing Courses

Here at Môn Active, we specialise in the delivery of British Canoeing courses. We deliver a wide range of courses in a wide range of disciplines. These include SUP, Sea Kayaking, White Water Kayaking, Touring and Racing. We’ve developed a great deal of experience within our staff team, so you know you’ll be safe in our hands. Book a course with us today!

SUP Games

Paddlesport Instructor

British Canoeing’s entry level teaching award, that enables you to run taster sessions in a range of craft in very sheltered water environments. More info here

Sheltered water options

Coach Award

These awards are for those who want to deliver progressive coaching sessions across a range of discipline specific pathways. More info on the disciplines here

personal performance awards

Personal Performance Awards

These awards are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development, in the craft and environment . More info here

These British Canoeing courses are delivered in accordance with their Educational Philosophy, are student-led and perfect for those looking to enter or further a career in the outdoor industry.

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